Although I haven’t always worked in IT, I have always been interested in technology and coding. After a big job switch from the youth work/theology field to IT, I took up coding again at I4-YOU Business Solutions b.v.. I like to take a broad scope on subjects relating to Microsoft 365 and Azure, which is also required of me in my job. You could find me designing solutions, scripting in PowerShell (PnP), working with Azure Resources, doing some public speaking, creating Power Automate Flows and Power Apps, creating SharePoint (Framework) Solutions or doing backend work. It all has my interest.

I’m regularly thinking that if internet & search engines weren’t around, I would not have been a good coder. Finding blogs and articles online has often been a lifesaver for me. This site is me returning the favor, I hope my experiences can be of the same value towards others.

At home you might find me giving the necessary attention to my two lovely kids and my wife. If any time is left over I’ll probably be reading a good book, doing some biking, supping or surfing or some such.

Have any questions? Please reach out to me using my socials or the contact form.

Warm regards,


Microsoft 365 Architect