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SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Docker, Dev Containers and NPM linking
SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Docker, Dev Containers and NPM linking

When using SPFx Library Components we are instructed to execute npm link when debugging our webparts. But what if we are using dev containers?

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Quick tip: PowerShell performance
Quick tip: PowerShell performance

I regularly use PowerShell scripting to achieve my ends. I find them airy and easy to use. But when dealing with large amounts of data, performance is key.

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Welcome to this crossover between blog and braindump. Blogs of others have been super important during my work. This site is me returning the favor. The blogs will be about Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions, docker, PowerShell, Power Platform, Azure AD. In short: anything I’m working on and interested in. I hope you’ll learn something here. If not, no hard feelings. If you read anything you do not understand because I failed to clarify it enough, please drop me a post using my socials or the contact form.

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